Collaborative Networks

Collaborative Network Approach (PDF)
A description of the Garfield Foundation’s Collaborative Networks program.

Impacts that Endure: Using Systems Thinking to Organize Large Scale Collaboration
Blog post by Marta Ceroni and Ruth Rominger (2018).

Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System (PDF)
A seminal article by Donella Meadows, essential for systems thinkers and change makers.

Cancer Free Economy Network

CFEN Member List (PDF)
The organizations, individuals and institutions making up CFEN’s membership as of January 2019.

CFEN Description (PDF)
Overview of CFEN activities written for supporters, partners and potential allies (2019).

CFEN Accomplishments (PDF)
History and explanation of CFEN’s work from 2014 to date (2019).

Connecting Health and Environment Solutions Across Sectors and Communities
Blog post by Fred Brown, Debra Erenberg and Ruth Rominger (2018).

Video: CFE Systems Mapping
Presented by Joe Hsueh (2014).

Cancer Free Economy Grant Award Press Release (PDF)
Garfield Foundation announces the launch of the CFE Network (2014).

Contaminating Our Bodies With Everyday Products 
Article by Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times (2015).

Chemicals Without Harm: Policies for a Sustainable World
Review of the book by Ken Geiser. We recommend reading the full book (2015).


Video: RE-AMP Network, Explained
A brief video overview of the RE-AMP Network (2014).

Engage: How Funders Can Support and Leverage Networks for Social Impact
Guide developed by the Monitor Institute and the Rockefeller Foundation (2015). 

Wicked Opportunities
Report by William D. Eggers & Anna Muoio in Deloitte University Press’ Business Trends series (2015). 

Investing in Networks Grows Impact 
Article by Madeline Taylor published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (2015).  

RE-AMP’s Pool of Funds
Post on the Network Weaver blog by June Holley (2014).

Environmental Sustainability

Los Angeles Sustainability

Los Angeles Sustainable City pLAn
Website detailing the city’s roadmap to sustainability.

A Time of Opportunity: Water, Health, and Equity in the Los Angeles Region
Executive Summary prepared by the Prevention Institute (2018).

Mercury Source Reduction

The Minamata Convention on Mercury: Contents, Guidance, and Resources
Article published by the National Resources Defense Council.

Contributing to the Preparations/Implementation of the Minamata Convention on Mercury with a Focus on Developing Strategies for Phasing Out Mercury-Added Products
Report from the Zero Mercury Working Group (2015).

Toward Mercury-Free Dentistry: How to Successfully Implement the Dental Amalgam Phase-Down Measures of the Minamata Convention (PDF)
Report from the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry and the Mercury Policy Project (2014). Also available in Spanish.

Mercury Contamination: A Guide to Staying Healthy and Fighting Back
Article published by the National Resources Defense Council.

Global Mercury Regulations to Have Major Economic Benefits for U.S.
Article contributed to Eurekalert! by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2016).

NGOs Call for CFL Phase Out, Urge Retailers to Follow IKEA’s Lead by Ending Sales
Press release by Zero Mercury Working Group (2015).

Turning Up The Heat II: Exposing the Continued Failures of the Manufacturers’ Thermostat Recycling Program (PDF)
Report prepared by Natural Resources Defense Council, Product Stewardship Institute, Clean Water Fund & Mercury Policy Project.

Citizen Petition to Revoke and Replace FDA’s Mercury Amalgam Rule So That the U.S. Government Will Conform with the Minamata Convention on Mercury (PDF)
Petition by the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry and co-petitioners (2015).

Citizen Petition to Phase Out the Indian Health Service’s Dental Mercury Use (PDF)
Petition by the International Indian Treaty Council and Consumers for Dental Choice (2016).

No More Mercury, Medicaid!
Posted by the Campaign for Mercury-Free Dentistry, a project of Consumers for Dental Choice (2015).

Funder Affinity Groups